Can I leave my car when I am hiring a Van?
Yes we have a secure car park with CCTV in operation and a 24 hour security firm on site.

What safety features do the vehicles have to protect the driver?
All of our vans are fitted with state of the art telemetry and CCTV cameras , in the event of an accident the van will automatically transmit the video footage of the accident within 2 minutes of the accident occurring to our office notifying us that our hire needs assistance and will be pin pointed on a GPS satellite as to there location. This facility is also to protect our hirer against any fault blame by a third party.

Does my hire vehicle have breakdown cover & accident cover?
Yes all of our vehicle come included in our hire package with, 24 hour accident support, 24 hour breakdown cover and 24 hour tyre call out.

How old do I have to be to hire a van from Cotswolds Van Hire?
For all van hire, persons aged 21 – 69 are acceptable. Persons aged 70 – 72 will normally be accepted but will require a referral to our insurance company.


Does my driving licence allow me to drive a Luton Van (3.5T)?
If you want to drive a 7.5 T van that unfortunately we do not hire, then you’ll need a higher licence qualification, but only if you passed your test after 1 January 1997. If you passed your car test before then, you are allowed to drive commercial vehicles up to 8.5 tonnes. You are allowed to drive a Luton box van with electric tail lift and all of our large vans on a normal driving licence up to 3.5T. You can check your licence illegibility here on :

What information do I need to hire a Van or Car?
Your Driving Licence (Photo ID card licence). You will also need your pre paid rental voucher ( Booking Confirmation) two proofs of address showing your name and address from the past three months i.e. utility bills, bank statements.


What is the allowance time if I am stuck in traffic when I return my vehicle (Grace Period)?
You will be allowed 59 minutes after the time agreed for the vehicle return. We do not want our customers to rush or drive erratically to return the vehicle at the allocated time, we would advise you leave 30 minutes in advance to allow for traffic and take your time and drive safely.

What do I do about the fuel and what type of fuel does the vehicle I will be hiring require?
All of our Vans will have a full tank of fuel on collection and you will only need to replace the fuel that you use on you journey, the fuel type will be explained to you on the handover when you collect the vehicle. There will also be illustration’s on the vehicle as to which fuel your vehicle will require.

Can I add an additional driver onto my hire to share the driving time on my journey?
Yes of course , sharing the driving on along journey is a safe option to take time to rest on long journeys (additional driver must meet our hire requirements and assigned at point of hire)

What is included in the rental?
All self-drive hire prices are inclusive of VAT, Allianz insurance, breakdown cover and unlimited mileage.

How old do you have to be to hire?
All drivers must be a minimum of 25 years old and hold a full driving licence.

Do I need insurance to rent a car?
No, at Cotswolds Van Hire the cost of Allianz insurance and breakdown cover is included within the cost of your hire.

What happens if my vehicle is damaged?
We understand that wear and tear is inevitable, that is why we ensure that you will not be charged for every little scratch or mark. If any damage does occur, please contact us at the earliest convenience.

When can I pick up or return my rental?
The site opens from 07:30 Monday to Saturday and you are welcome to collect or return your vehicle from that time. Please contact us for alternative arrangements.

How long can I hire a vehicle for?
There is no maximum or minimum hire period. However, we do offer discounts for long-term vehicle hire.

Can I add an additional driver?
Yes, additional drivers can be added at a cost £10.00 per driver. All drivers must meet the requirements outlined in our Terms and Conditions.

Need help or have a question?

Feel free to call us on 01386 366 100 to discuss your Van Hire needs.